Welcome to the online IB Companion for Senja VGS students.

This site is a free resource designed to help IB students at Senja VGS in their academic endeavors. By following the links in the subject menu on the left-hand side of the screen, you will find simplified summaries and overviews of exactly what you are expected to learn in each section of every course offered at our school.

The information contained on each subject page has been gathered from official IB subject guides, but it is presented here in its simplest and most straightforward form, so that only the information that you, as a student, will need to succeed remains. On most subject pages you will also find carefully selected embedded media content and links to other helpful learning resources, all of which are directly relevant to helping you understand exactly what you need to understand for each topic of your chosen courses.

I hope you'll take full advantage of this resource to graduate from the IB program with your desired grades. If you have any suggestions about possible improvements to the site, or you have found that any of the information contained here is inaccurate or outdated, don't hesitate to contact me (the site's creator) at sondre.milch@gmail.com.