IB core

In addition to their 6 academic subjects, IB students will engage in 2 additional projects and 1 additional subject throughout the course of the program. These 3 elements are CAS, the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. Each of these, if successfully completed, add 1 additional point to students' final IB score once the Diploma program has been completed.


Creativity, action, service (CAS) is a 150-hour project that students engage in outside of school hours. In order to fulfill their CAS requirement, each student will have to engage in 50 hours of creative work (Creativity), 50 hours of physical activity (Action) and 50 hours of personal or community service (Service).

Students can take part in any number of different projects to meet this requirement, so long as all of their activity is logged and documented, and so long as all of the 8 CAS learning outcomes (described in more detail below) have been met once all projects have been completed. Students are also required to reflect periodically on their progress and what they have learned for each of their CAS projects.

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