Language acquisition

The IB Language acquisition courses are intended to develop students' communication abilities in a secondary language. These courses come in two varieties: Language ab initio, suitable for students who have never studied the language before, and Language B, which is better suited for students with some academic experience in the subject.

Language Ab initio

(offered in Russian)

The Language ab initio course is an introductory language course intended for students with no prior experience in the target language. Through exploring a number of different themes that are centered around various everyday activities and scenarios, students will by the course's end have developed a level of fluency sufficient to communicate with others in a place where the language is spoken.

The course centers around learning to communicate effectively in the target language, and the themes studied are simply vehicles to that end. As such, the course's syllabus is only loosely defined, but a very generalized overview of its structure, along with some helpful learning resources pertaining to it have been provided below. Note that Language ab initio is only available at Standard Level.

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Language B

(offered in English and Norwegian)

The Language B course is an intermediate-level language course intended for students with some prior academic experience with their target language. The scope of the course is such that, by the course's end, students should be proficient enough at their target language to be able to study a university level course in the language.

Both SL and HL students will study 5 topics related to language, media and culture. Whereas 3 of these topics are common to all Language B courses, the last 2 are chosen (by the students and the teachers together) from a list of 5 possible topics. HL students will also study 2 works of literature.

Much like the Language Ab initio course, the primary goal of the Language B goal is for students to increase their proficiency in the target language, the topics covered being only means to this end. As such, the course's syllabus is only loosely defined, but a general overview of its structure has been provided below. Note that the order in which topics are presented in class may vary.

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